MRS Eimear Donlon




Eimear Donlon can be located on the ground floor in B1088. She has been a member of the Life Sciences department since September 2001. Her main teaching duties are on the Health Science and Physiology degree on which she is primarily involved in exercise physiology and physical activity modules. Prior to taking up her teaching position, Eimear worked as a physical education instructor in the civil service, sport science support work in the BOMC (London) and in Queens University Belfast. She has taught on degree courses in the UK (University of Chester and North Hertfordshire College). She was also a Team Leader for the Irish World Skills Team between the years 2003 - 2009.

Research Interests

Muscle fatigue, body composition  and predisposition to fatigue in GAA.
Overreaching in triathletes and oxidative stress markers
Impact of exercise on neurological disorders