Paula Roddy

Jt Lecturer

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Dept Marketing, Tourism and Sport
Business and Social Sciences
Institute of Technology Sligo
Ash Lane, Sligo

T: 071 9305628


Paula Roddy
Office D2023
071 9305628

Work History: Began in I.T. Sligo as part time lecturer to cover maternity leave after I completed my H Dip in Education. During the years that followed I worked with external organisations (Swim Ireland, Royal Lifesaving Society) to attain Tutor and Trainer Assessor qualifications. In 2004 I took up a more permanent position in the Institute. In 2006-08 I completed masters degree in Health Promotion. A range of external work throughout those years with local groups and organisations gave very valuable teaching experience.
A career break followed from 2010-2012 during which I traveled and worked in managerial positions the leisure industry in Western Australia and hospitality sector in Vancouver, Canada.

Areas of Responsibility: Coordination and delivery of the Aquatics modules on the BBS Recreation & Leisure course. Supervision of undergraduate research projects. Delivery of Health Promotion modules on L8 BBS add on Sport and Wellness stream. 

Areas of Interest: Lifesaving, Lifeguard Training, Swim Teacher Training, Sociology of Sport, Health Promotion, Aquatics for people with Disabilities.

Current focus: Lecturing - Putting all energies into delivering interesting classes, staying with current happenings in relevant fields. Helping students achieve the best learning experience from their time in I.T. Sligo. Developing links with community/external groups which is win win situation for the community/school groups involved and vital for student practical experience.

Future Focus: Developing Aquatic modules to reflect the needs of industry. I have a personal interest in adult education, in the future I wish to pursue further studies in that area.