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Examination results for ATU Sligo 2023/2024 for the Winter Session will be released Monday, 17th June 2024 

Read the following information about your exams results carefully.

Information for Students who are to Receive Provisional Results after Winter (Semester 1) Exams and Continue Study to Summer (Semester 2) Exams.

Students on programmes running from September to May will receive their final results in June.  The results received after Winter Exams are Provisional and will remain so until they have been reviewed by External Examiners and Examination Boards after the summer exams – they may change.  Pass by Compensation is applied after the summer exams.

Why can I not access my results?

Students who have holds on to their accounts will not be able to access results.  To pay outstanding fees go to Self Service Banner and make the necessary payment now.

What do my results mean?

For information relating what the module codes and overall academic standing mean for your individual results Select How to view your Exam Results.

What are Consultation days?

Consultation or Feedback days will take place for 1-2 days immediately after the release of results. It is very important that that you use the consultation day if you want to:

  • get feedback or a breakdown of your assessment /exam in a module.
  • request a formal re-check of a your grade ( see explanation below)
  • discuss weaknesses in your assessment performance
  • find out what your repeat requirements will be

Email your lecturer and request a meeting, which can be either in person or online. It is important that you use this opportunity as academic staff cannot be contacted during academic leave after the 20 June.

What is a recheck, review or appeal?

recheck means the administrative procedure of checking and ensuring that no error occurred in the recording, collating, or combining of marks which determined the result. This process is carried out by the internal examiner (lecturer).

Review of a module result means the re-marking by the external examiner or another suitably qualified person, of the examination script, and if deemed necessary, of all relevant assessment material.

An Appeal of a module result means the consideration of all matters relating to examinations, excluding the content and marking of examination scripts but including the application of the examination regulations, standards and extenuating circumstances not already considered.

recheck should be requested from your lecturer during the consultation days. Following a re-check a student may request a Review and Appeal of a module result.  You must have grounds to apply for a review and appeal. For any queries related to appeals please contact Please note all appeal applications must be made no later than three days after the release of Semester 2 results.

The ATU process to apply for an appeal has changed.  All appeals from semester 1 will be processed once the final Examination board with semester 2 results is complete in June.  Pass by compensation will be applied to your results once the full year results are available after the Summer exams.

More information on the procedure is here.

The application form can be downloaded here.

I failed an exam, what do I do now?

If you have not passed a module (or not passed by compensation):

  • We would advise you to discuss your result with your lecturer on the feedback days. 
  • If the module has a final exam (Invigilated ‘hall’ type exam), you will need repeat the final exam in the Repeat Exams session (mid – end August)
  • If the module is 100% CA, instructions for your repeat requirements and due date will be sent to your ATU email address by the end of the first week in July.

You must register for the repeat exam and/or repeat CA, by clicking on the re-apply button at the bottom of your results screen before the 30th June in your ATU Student Self-Service Account. Please note that the repeat registration facility will not open until after the release of the Summer examination results in June.  

The repeat registration opens when results are released and closes on 30th June.  There is a repeat fee flat rate of €100 before the 30 June. The repeat fee is €150 after the 1July. If you have not registered for your exam by the deadline it may not be possible for you to sit your repeat examination. Please contact to enquire further.

The exams timetable will be released on the website here by mid July.

I deferred a module, what do I do now?

If you were granted a defer, and passed everything else, you do not need to do anything, you will automatically be registered for the Autumn exam session.

If you have a combination of a deferred module and a module in the compensation range you are advised to consult with your head of Department or Lecturer for advice.

If you have a failed module and a defer you will need to register on the failed module only, your defer will be automatically processed.

More Information

Should you have any questions about consultation, the recheck, review or appeals process please contact your department / school office.

Information on all policies and procedures relating to Examinations are here.

Please read all of the information above thoroughly before contacting the examination office.

Should you have any questions about registering for a repeat email