Student Prison Officers inducted at new Yeats Library


The latest cohort of prision officer students studying the Higher Certificate in Custodial Care (HCCC) programme through IT Sligo learned all about the facilities available to them through the new Yeats Library when they visited the IT Sligo campus as part of the Induction Day recently.

IT Sligo delivers the innovative HCCC to new, recruit prison officers in the Irish Prison Service.


More than 550 prison officers have completed this distance learning programme since it began in 2007.


During their busy induction day, the 22 students learned how to use Moodle and the various other online and distance support services offered by Yeats Library.

HCCC Programme Manager, Fergus Timmons said; “The induction day is a very important component of the HCCC programme. As the majority of the programme is delivered via our Moodle platform, it is vital that students get a good grounding in the skills required to navigate around the site. It also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to showcase our learning environment here on campus.


“The staff in IT Services, the Yeats Library, the Registrar’s Department, and the administration staff in the School of  Business & Humanities put in great efforts to ensure that the day was a great success and it I know that the students found the day very informative and enjoyable.”


 The new Yeats Library at IT Sligo: Photo by Karin Niglas.