Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English and Psychology

  • NFQ Level 8
  • Points Required 358*
  • Course Code AU917
  • Award Honours Degree Abinitio
  • Duration 3

Course Summary

This programme is approved by The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI).

The BA (Hons) English and Psychology degree at ATU Sligo enables students to think critically and acquire a deep understanding of the human condition and human behaviour through the study of English and Psychology. The transferable skills, knowledge, and understanding acquired on the programme are highly relevant and sought after by a wide variety of industry employers and postgraduate educational programmes. The degree is delivered by a teaching staff who are active researchers, clinicians, writers, and practitioners.

Application for accreditation submitted to The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI).


Psychology involves the scientific study of human behaviour through the analysis of fields such as human development, theories of learning, therapeutic approaches, social dynamics, biological processes, mental health, and psychological research skills. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of what it is to be human from a scientific perspective. They develop technical and analytical skills that are highly sought after in areas of technology which have significant implications for society, such as artificial intelligence.

English literature, prose, poetry, and drama are works of art that are primarily concerned with the human condition. The English strand offers both traditional and practice-based academic approaches to literature and drama for adults, children, and young people. Students develop an appreciation that arts and culture are integral to society, allowing them to positively contribute to developing strong arts, culture, and education sectors in Ireland and beyond.


Students have 50% of their modules in the English strand and 50% of their modules in the Psychology strand.

The English strand modules in Year 1 Semester 1 include: (1) Drama Studies: An Introduction, (2) English Literature, Prose and Poetry: Texts, Contexts and Subtexts 1, and (3) Theatre in Education: The Secondary School Context. Year 1 Semester 2 English strand modules include: (4) Applied Cultural Studies in Literature, Drama, and Contemporary Culture, (5) Drama 2 Through the Looking Glass: Representation and Performance, and (6) English Literature, Prose, Poetry: Texts, Contexts and Subtexts 2.

The Psychology strand modules in Year 1 Semester 1 include: (1) Psychology of Learning, (2) Research Ethics in Psychology, and (3) Foundations of Psychology. Year 1 Semester 2 Psychology strand modules include: (4) Developmental Psychology (0-18 years) and (5) Research Methods for Psychology I (which focuses on focus group qualitative research methodology).


Students have 50% of their modules in the English strand and 50% of their modules in the Psychology strand.

The English Strand modules in Year 2 Semester 1 include: (1) Literary Genres – Short Forms – The Short Story & Irish Poetry, (2) Literary Theory and Criticism, and (3) Children’s Literature. Year 2 Semester 2 English strand modules include: (4) Drama in Education: Theory – Planning – Practice, (5) Irish Contemporary Drama Through the Lens of Greek Tragedy, and (6) Young People’s Literature.

The Psychology strand modules in Year 2 Semester 1 include: (1) Personality and Individual Differences, (2) Adult Developmental Psychology, and (3) Research Methods for Psychology II (which focuses on experimental quantitative research methodology). Year 2 Semester 2 Psychology strand modules include: (4) Psychological Therapy, (5) Social Psychology, and (6) The Biological Basis of Behaviour.


Students have 50% of their modules in the English strand and 50% of their modules in the Psychology strand.

The English strand modules in Year 3 Semester 1 include: (1) Research Methods for English and Drama/Applied Theatre Studies, (2) Contemporary Irish Writing, and (3) Theatre for Young Audiences.

The Psychology Strand modules in Year 3 Semester 1 include: (1) Cognitive Psychology, and (2) Research Methods for Psychology III (which focuses on survey quantitative research methodology and mixed methods approaches).

In Year 3 Semester 2 of the BA (Hons) in English and Psychology programme, students have one module in the English strand (English and Drama Symposium), one module in the Psychology strand (Psychological Connections for Wellbeing), and a choice of either completing the English Dissertation or the Psychology Research Project.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO courses at ATU Sligo are available for download below:

Mathematics is not an entry requirement for this degree.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for BA (Hons) in English and Psychology graduates are significant and diverse. Students develop transferable skills, knowledge and understanding, that are highly valued and sought after by many of the largest professional sectors in today’s jobs market both nationally and internationally.

Career opportunities include, but are not limited to, technology and social media companies, media and communications, teaching, research, events management, data science, creative, culture and arts sectors, mental health and wellbeing sectors, arts management and marketing. Students on the degree develop exceptional communication skills, professional skills in the arts and in the analysis and interpretation of human behaviour, which are highly desirable criteria for exciting careers in these innovative and creative markets.

Further Study

Due to the unique combination of English and Psychology, this degree equips students with a wide range of skills, knowledge, and understanding, sought after by postgraduate courses. Many of our graduates go on to specialise in specific postgraduate MA and scholarship qualifications in the fields of English or Psychology both nationally and internationally.

Graduates can apply to complete a Psychology conversion programme at other third level institutions.

Graduates can also apply to complete a Professional Master of Education (PME) in order to become a secondary school teacher of English.

Additionally, with further study, students may apply to progress to Professional Doctorates in Psychology such as Clinical or Educational Psychology. Students can avail of the same pathways available for a general Arts degrees or students can engage in specific research based postgraduate masters and, following successful completion, they can proceed to PhD research in the Arts and Humanities.

This means that students from the BA (Hons) English and Psychology at ATU Sligo can avail of any number of potential further education pathways both nationally and internationally.

There are also a number of postgraduate study options in ATU Sligo.

Postgraduate options in ATU Sligo


Watch below as Harry Stevenson talks about his experience of studying English and Psychology in ATU Sligo.

Did you know?


"I liked the variety of topics covered in this degree - from drama and children’s literature to abnormal psychology and cognitive psychology. I really liked that in the final year we could pick between completing an English or a psychology thesis. For someone who may have an interest in both topics, it’s nice that you get to cover both topics for the initial few years and then can decide which one you prefer in the final year. I found this beneficial as I was primarily interested in Psychology. Therefore, it was nice to focus on an area I found particularly interesting on a deeper level. 

After I graduated from ATU Sligo, I gained a place on the MSc in Psychological Science programme at Queen’s University in Belfast. This was a conversion course that took one year to complete."

Natalia Waszynska, BA (Hons) in English and Psychology graduate and progressed her studies to an MSc in Psychological Science

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