Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Humanities Joint Major: Sociology and Politics

  • NFQ Level 8
  • Points Required 281*
  • Course Code SG248
  • Award Honours Degree Abinitio
  • Duration 3

Course Summary

The course lets you examine our society, its structure, its organisations, and ask questions around the complexities of this social world and what we can do to effect change. Dividing your time between sociology and politics, you develop an in-depth understanding of the social forces that create and sustain the political and social world and the inequity that exists within these structures.

Both subjects are exciting, thought-provoking and challenging to us as individuals and members of the wider society. By equipping students with an in-depth knowledge of society and politics on a national and global scale, we encourage them to look beyond face-value assumptions and start questioning what is perceived as common sense in our world.  By examining policy-making, government and community development, gender relations, religion and  migration, students gain adaptable skills in critical thinking, writing and researching, allowing them to explore a rich and diverse range of employment opportunities.

Sociology focuses on understanding and analysing how human societies work. It studies everyday social practices, as well as discussing questions around  economic inequality, power, gender and race, for example. 

Politics looks more at the decision-making process that groups or organisations make. These  don’t necessarily have to be governmental – politics can be found in most interactions from schools to businesses and religious institutions.



Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO courses at IT Sligo are available for download below:

Career Opportunities

Because of the transferable skills that such a programme supports graduates are expected to pursue a wide range of careers in

  • Advocacy roles
  • Non-Government Organisations
  • Public sector jobs
  • Community development
  • Social policy
  • National and local government
  • Teaching, following additional post-graduate study.

In addition, those with arts degree skills continue to find employment within the Business and Technology sectors where grandaunts’ interdisciplinary levels of knowledge and skills are consistently sought after.

Further Study

On successful completion of this programme, graduates may apply to the taught L9 MA in Social Care and Social Justice in IT Sligo based on holding a minimum H2.2 and successful completion of a designated selection process. Candidates also have the option to proceed to an L9 Masters by Research.

The Joint Majors emphasis on the Teaching Council of Ireland’s registration requirements for Civic, Social & Political Education (CSPE) subject delivery, ensures that the degree supports the student body to apply to undertake a level 9 Professional Masters of Education (PME) to become second level teachers.

It is expected that a large number of graduates will apply to progress to the Professional Masters of Education, Masters in Social Justice, Masters in Politics, Masters in Equality Studies.


Did you know?

Leaving Certificate Mathematics is not an entry requirement for this course.

One module in the final year will be delivered online, allowing the student more flexibility in their study.