Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design

  • NFQ Level 7
  • Points Required 225*
  • Course Code AU820
  • Award Ordinary Bachelor Degree Abinitio
  • Duration 3

Course Summary

Interior Architecture and Design is a profession that explores new ways to create inspiring interior environments within the built environment, promoting sustainability through creative re-use of space. Whether it’s developing an existing space or creating a new one, interior architects design comfortable homes, functional workspaces and inspirational public spaces that consider architectural forms, environmental impacts, and psychological and cognitive components of the space. Our students develop their designs and hone their skills under the guidance of experienced architects and interior designers.

The Interior Architecture and Design degrees at ATU Sligo provide an internationally recognised level of interior education and training aligned with the European Council of Interior Architects standard and best practice across Europe.


The Interior Architecture and Design degree at ATU Sligo places the creative response to culture, community and location at the heart of every project. Interactions with real clients, sites and diverse design projects provide students with real world design challenges, with a focus on developing versatile, industry- ready skills. Students are motivated to be innovative and progressive trendsetters, inspired by up-to-date knowledge of the design world.

The core element of the programme in each year is Design Studio. The dynamic and creative studio environment encourages students to develop their individual design style and skills through diverse selection of projects which include residential, hospitality, cultural, exhibition, community, conservation, restoration, furniture and lighting design, as well as collaborative projects with students from arts and construction-based professions. Students enjoy one-to-one contact time with tutors in dedicated studio spaces.

Our dynamic ‘Studio Culture’ is enriched by;

  • Exciting design projects including: residential, hospitality, cultural, exhibition, community design, conservation, restoration, furniture and lighting design.
  • Multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects, involving real clients and live sites.
  • Annual Field trips to design cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Rome, Stockholm and Venice.
  • Student exhibitions and design competitions.


Students study Visual Literacy, Visual and Material Culture, Construction and Architectural Technology, Studio Skills, Design Studio, Architectural Context and Theory.


Students join first year students from the Level 8 Interior Architecture and Design programme and build upon the modules introduced in Year 1.


Emphasis is placed on studio time, supported by modules in Design Fundamentals; Professionalism and Communication; Design Realisation (Materials and Technology), Cultural Studies and Digital Design Representation (including CAD, SketchUp, Photoshop and REVIT).

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Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO courses at ATU Sligo are available for download below:

A portfolio is NOT required for CAO applicants.

Career Opportunities

Graduates work as interior architects, interior designers in interior and architectural practices, or as specialist designers in retail, branding, hospitality design, contract interiors, and point of purchase design. There are also opportunities in exhibition design, TV and film, lighting, visualisation, and 3D modelling.

"The global Interior Design Market is estimated to grow at a significant rate*, driven by changes in social structures and standards of living as well as governmental initiatives, regulations and corporate responsibility policies arising from the recognition of global environmental issues." *

Further Study

Students can progress onto the final year of the BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design at ATU Sligo. This can be studied full-time for one year or part-time over two years. Alternatively, Level 7 graduates can apply for advanced progression into national and international Level 8 programmes in Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Spatial Design.

AU926 BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design

Upon completion of the Level 8 programme, graduates may apply to the Level 9 Masters in Interior Architecture through Creative Practice at ATU Sligo. Graduates are also well placed to study a wide variety of national and international postgraduate courses.

Master of Arts in Creative Practice


"I chose this degree as I find it more challenging in many aspects. From architectural sketches to learning various computer-aided software that allows you to produce your design ideas and precise detail drawings, selecting and proposing furnishing materials, and managing an entire interior design project from A to Z. It is challenging yet allows me to express my creativity!

I also like the opportunity to work with real clients and on community projects, participate in international design competitions and liaise with design professionals throughout the degree. One of the best things about the degree is that you get to help other people to achieve their desired interior spaces whilst creating a beautiful design portfolio for yourself."

Jasmine Lee, BA in Interior Architecture and Design and winner of the Interior Architecture category at the Institute Designers Ireland (IDI) Graduate Awards

“I chose this degree ahead of other similar programmes because it was expressed more as an artistic choice. It is for artists and practical thinkers. It’s a great degree to learn new media from physical art (clay/ paint) to the digital world on computers (Photoshop/CAD). I love how free you are with your work. You get a brief and you are allowed to express that in any way you would like.” 

Rachel Walsh, BA in Interior Architecture and Design

“I enjoy the atmosphere of the university and how friendly everyone is. From first year, the degree has really pushed us to immerse ourselves and learn about the area and its history. Through group projects and spending extra time in studio it has really made us bond as a group.”

Jordina Doyle, BA in Interior Architecture and Design

Did you know?

We also offer this programme at Level 8 - AU926 BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design

The Interior Architecture programmes at ATU Sligo are the first in Ireland to be recognised by the ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects). The programmes are also members of the IDI (Institute of Designers in Ireland) and Interior Educators UK.

Final year YAADA students take part in a creative showcase each year. Check out the Yeats Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture Yearbook to see their work.

Design studio is the core element of the programme in each year. Students enjoy one-on-one contact time with tutors in dedicated studio spaces.

Annual field trips to design cities including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Rome, Stockholm and Venice provide first-hand experience of cutting-edge contemporary design.

Students take part in exhibitions and design competitions.

This programme includes multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects, involving real clients and live sites.

Click here to view the Interior Architecture and Design Flickr account and image gallery.


“The degree opened my eyes to a new world of creativity and design. I have so many wonderful memories of my time in ATU Sligo, from spending lots of time in the studio with classmates, to our field trips in Sweden, Lisbon and London.

I really love my job; every day I get to work on different projects which keeps things interesting! My current role involves designing residential and commercial projects for the private sector.

This degree really prepared me for the field of work as the industry can be very fast paced. I am extremely grateful for this degree and the steppingstone which helped to pave my career.”

Karen Reilly, BA in Interior Architecture and Design graduate and currently working with Corbwell Design

Course Format

Semester 1

Interior Design Studio 1A10
Visual and Material Culture 1 (Introduction & Historical Survey)05
Architectural Technologies & Environment 105
Visual Literacy05
Design Fundamentals: Representation Skills05

Semester 2

Design Studio 1B10
Interior Context and Theory: Understanding Design05
Design Realisation: Interior Environment, Materials and Construction05
Design Fundamentals: Interior Representation05
Digital Media for Design 2 (Applied Digital Projects)05

Semester 3

Interior Architecture Studio I: Inhabiting the Interior10
Cultural Context: Interior and Furniture05
Interior Materials and Detailing05
Design Fundamentals: from Concept to Development05
Digital Media for Design: AutoCAD 05

Semester 4

Interior Architecture Studio II: Material Identity10
Architectural Context & Theory I05
Design Realisation I: Refurbishment and Detailing05
Professionalism and Communication I- Interior05
Digital Media for Design: SketchUp & Photoshop05

Semester 5

Design Research- Reading and Framing Place05
Architecture Technologies and Environment 205
Visual and Material Culture 3: (The Contemporary World)05
Digital Media for Design: SketchUp and Revit05
Interior Architecture Studio IV: Collaboration and Community  [E]10

Semester 6

Environmental Psychology for Design 05
Design Realisation II: Energy and Interior Environment05
Advanced Design Representation05
Professionalism & Communication for Design II05
Interior Architecture Studio III: Re-imagining Place10
Interior Architecture Studio IV: Work Placement [E]10

[E] = Elective Module. Modules subject to availability.