David Carroll – BA in Interior Architecture and Design

Name: David Carroll

From: Mayo

School: Sancta Maria College, Louisburgh

From a very young age, I held some interest/particular enjoyment in building and creating. From building blocks, to electronics, drawing and modelling. Through experimentation and manipulation of material, to realise it into something tangible and real. From in my head to physical space. 

Completing TY work experience in an engineer’s office really sparked something in me, and I came to fantasise about making a career in the sector of building and design. I took a year off after the Leaving Certificate, and discovered this degree searching online, finding it to be accessible and of great interest to me. I find myself now proving I was right!

What do I particularly love about this degree? Model making is always fun, be it conceptual or representational. Even if messy at times, I feel it really gets the mind thinking in all three dimensions. I enjoy the opportunity to use professional computer aided design programs, the same used in a professional environment! Could just be me, but I find it incredibly relaxing working on a digital drawing with a podcast playing in the background. And what I really love is the dynamic between the two. Going between the physical models and the computer. One for more flexible, tactile forms and the other; clean and precise. There’s great satisfaction in seeing your ideas come to life in both.

One of the most attractive aspects of this course is no examinations. In place, we are marked by continual assessment through projects and assignments, while availing of feedback every step of the way. For me, this removes studying into the long hours of the night, and enables me to feel comfortable in the exploration and experimentation of my ideas and thought processes. Pretty generous deadlines allows you flexibility in tackling a project or assignment for when it’s easiest for you (Although sooner rather than later is always good!). If I can offer some advice to incoming first years – attend all of your lectures! Procrastination will not reward you! Especially in your first semester, it’s worthwhile keeping ahead as to not get left behind. 

I enjoy all my modules! But I am appreciative of studio in particular, given its format of being long-arcing projects that cover a range of different subjects, and offers many opportunities for learning. We are guided through the design process from brief all the way to final presentation, and this gives fantastic insight into how it’s completed in a professional career. 

I have no concrete plans for the future yet, but I do believe that this degree, and ATU Sligo will allow me to hone my skills, develop a deeper understanding in art and design as well as myself and my own processes, and in general better prepare me for whatever, whenever I have an answer to that question!

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