Certificate in Social Media Marketing (Online)

  • NFQ Level 6
  • Credits 20*
  • Course Code SG_BSOCI_S06
  • Award Special Purpose Award
  • Duration 1 Semester

Course Summary

This 13 week part-time online programme aims to equip you with the practical skills to research, plan, create, publish and analyse social media content that will engage with your customer and help you to stand out on social media. This includes familiarising you with social media software used by marketing professionals to identify and target custom market segments. You will have the opportunity to explore multiple social media tools and techniques used by marketing executives to manage and measure the influence and success of your own social media campaigns.

You will study three modules over 13 weeks:  Social Media Software and Analytics (10 credits), Content Creation (5 credits) and Digital & Social Media Planning (5 credits).

The course content is tailored for social media marketers at a beginner/intermediate level.

The objectives of the programme are to:
1. Use contemporary social media marketing tools and platforms to achieve business objectives
2. Learn practical tactics to ensure success i n social media marketing using engaging and interesting content.
3. Integrate online marketing and social media with existing marketing activities in marketing plans
4. Apply digital tools and platforms to create and measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.


Key Course Information

Study hours: Whether you are studying part-time online, blended or full-time online, it is very important that you allocate enough study time to your online course to stay focused, reduce stress and achieve your goals. For part-time online or blended learning, it is recommended that you should try to allow for 5-6 hours per week per 5 credit modules to your studies.

Live Lectures: Live lectures normally take place between 6pm and 10pm, Monday to Thursday but this may vary depending on the availability of specific lecturers. For the Certificate in  Social Media Marketing, students are expected to attend 2 lectures 2 evenings per week. If the Live Classroom scheduled times for the live online lectures do not suit you, recordings will be made available through Moodle

Application Closing Date : 15th January 2025

Entry Requirements

The Atlantic Technological University Sligo Campus has policies in place which are fully implemented to allow for access to a full range of learners to include:

  •  The second level school leaver on the basis of Leaving Certificate performance only where minimum Institute entry requirements for L6 programmes will apply.
  • Non-standard applicants - any applicant on the basis of non-standard circumstances that would include, but not exclusively, maturity, other qualifications and disability. The implementation of this policy is reflected in the increased diversity of our student cohort.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning ( RPL) – applications for exemptions/advanced entry will be considered in line with the RPL policies and procedures. RPL is a process that may allow you to gain admission to a programme or to receive exemptions/ credit for some parts of the programme based on demonstrated learning that you may have achieved through another programme of study or through your work or career. Further information is available at www.atu.ie/recognition-of-prior-learning which our dedicated RPL portal or by contacting our admissions team at admissions.sligo@atu.ie
  • Applicants should possess a basic level of digital literacy. You would be expected to be comfortable in working with Windows ( or similar, e.g. MacOS) and Microsoft Office ( or similar, e.g. Open Office), the latter to an introductory standard such as described by ECDL Base modules.
  • In addition, international students, whose first language is not English, will be required to prove their English competency through previous examination results, recognised English language tests such as IELTS ( 6.5 or equivalent required) and through oral communication skills at interview.

Career Opportunities

Industry Demand for Social Media Marketing Skills

This course will equip you with the skills required to succeed in Social Media Marketing. With social media platforms showing a consistent increase in account ownership in Ireland (Ipsos MRBI, 2019), and users spending up to 2.5 hours everyday across multiple social media sites, its influence on consumer decision making is soaring and cannot be ignored (Smart Insights, 2020).

The North West Regional Skills Forum (2018), SMEs Houses of the Oireachtas (2019), National Skills Strategy 2025 and Future Jobs Ireland (2019) have all published reports highlighting the industry demand for digital and social media marketing skills.

Further Study

This special purpose award will support ( but not be sufficient in itself) a successful student in progressing to entry onto L6/L7 Programmes - exemptions may be warranted depending on the programme.


Valerie Craigie

“The Social Media marketing course has been a huge learning curve for me and will really help promote my business. The lecturers could not be more accessible or helpful. I highly recommend taking the plunge and signing up for a course.” 

Fiona Walsh - Imagine Coaching

“I joined the Social Media Marketing course as a business owner with minimal social media skills. The course content is highly informative, and the assignments are practical. I completed my first assignment yesterday and have gained huge insights into the platforms I am active on. I already have a strong sense of what I need to start doing to improve my social media presence!” 

Pat Cassidy, PML Group

“I think that the course is fantastic. I am in a unique position whereby I work for a large global company and at the same time work with a lot of SME’s and start-ups. I have found this course applicable to both. Surprisingly, the bigger organisations tend to be lacking the skills in this area as much as their smaller counterparts.  Social Media is left to the juniors in isolation.  They are given the role as the “know about these things”.  Social Media does not fall under the overall strategy/marketing strategy of the company. I have learned that all departments should have an input into social media (idea generation etc.). They don’t need to all be skilled in nuts and bolts of how it works but they do need to help out.  They need to contribute in terms of content and direction. The pace of business is getting faster and faster.  This course has equipped me with basic skills that can help me in my day-to-day job.  For example, I can create simple mock-ups, rather than have to wait for a designer to be available. Alan always preaches “Smart Content is Smart Places”.  That has really resonated with me.  I have used this mantra to make real decisions in my workplace in the last few weeks. This course will be invaluable to companies big and small right across the country. It is also very timely, many companies, that I am aware of do not yet realise that they have a serious shortfall in this area. The shortfall is costing them in terms of lost opportunities and business.” 

Richella Ryan

“I work in the hospitality industry and have done so for the last many number of years. Hotel marketing has evolved, and social media marketing has become a very important piece of their overall marketing strategy. Some of my customers often reach out and ask for assistance on the social media side of things and I've been dipping my toe in the water up until now. Last year I decided I had to get to grips with it and be confident in what I could do for them and not be afraid to share my knowledge, hence the sign up for this course.  It has been brilliant. On the Social media analytics module, I've learned a multitude about goals and metrics, Facebook/ Instagram Insights and how to interpret. I can now discuss with customers and understand what I'm telling them but at the same time get them to think about their approach to social media. Is it a planned strategy in line with their business goals or is it is it entirely random? Conversations now have meaning. I can advise on competitor insights, page transparency - lots of nuggets of valuable information that I never knew existed.  On the Digital & Social Media Planning - this has gotten us to think about our customers, who they are and what channels can be used to target them - all quite different. For the most part hotels think Facebook and Instagram, however there's a wider audience to be reached with so many other channels. For me, it's being able to have that conversation with my customers, about them knowing their market and with Covid how has it changed.  I love the content creation and would love to be a whizz putting together ads for my hotels - it'll come. It's understanding how they all interact - planning/ content and analysing - now just to practice and implement.   The delivery is excellent - natural, engaging, real life - Aine and Alan are not reading a suite of slides, they're relating everything to everyday life and business, so you can understand in real business terms.” 

Did you know?

This course will equip you with the skills required to succeed in any Social Media Marketing role. With social media platforms showing a consistent increase in account ownership in Ireland (Ipsos MRBI, 2019), and users spending up to 2.5 hours everyday across multple social media sites, its influence on consumer decision making is soaring and cannot be ignored (Smart Insights, 2020). 


Programme Fees

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Total Programme Fees:


*Fees may be subject to change for 2024/25 academic year.

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