Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Protection (Online)

  • NFQ Level 9
  • Credits 60*
  • Course Code SG_SENVP_O09
  • Award Post Graduate Diploma
  • Duration 2 years

Course Summary

Environmental protection is one of the disciplines where there is a steady demand for skilled professionals. It is an excellent area to pursue in further education and you can start now.

The distance learning Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Protection

  • gives you the framework and tools needed to operate effectively
  • will strongly position you within the marketplace
  • will help you to realise your career and educational aspirations.

This flexible programme in the theory and practice of environmental protection is designed for those who have, or who aspire to have, environmental responsibilities but who may lack sufficient formal training in the area. A broad range of environmental topics is addressed and integrated to provide current environmental management, technical and legislative skills to participants covering a range of areas including water quality and supply, ecology, geology, biology, water and waste management and sustainability.

There are six subjects; Waste Management and Resource Efficiency,  Energy Systems and Management, Environmental Management, Water Resource Management, Air and Noise Management and Environmental Systems 


The subjects Waste Management and Resource Efficiency,  Energy Systems and Management,  Water Resource Management, Air and Noise Management are examined by continuous assessment and by a final written examination which account for 50% and 50% respectively. Continuous assessment comprises online Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), coursework and other assignment work.

The subjects Environmental Management  and Environmental Systems  are assessed 100% by coursework; there is no end-of-subject examination.


Examinations take place in January and May and are generally held on a Saturday. 

Each of the six subjects on the Postgraduate Diploma is a stand-alone 10 credit unit. A participant may choose to opt out of the course and gain single subject certificates for those subjects that have been successfully completed. More often, participants will complete the six subjects on the course and gain the award of Postgraduate Diploma.

Outline of the course operation

As mentioned already, there are six 10-credit subjects on the Postgraduate Diploma. Each subject runs for a period of 3 months. The six subjects run consecutively over two academic years.

There is one (occasionally two) workshop per subject. The workshops take place on a Friday and Saturday.

A Course Coordinator oversees the entire course to offer support and advice throughout the two years.

Students who successfully complete the Postgraduate Diploma at merit or greater are eligible to continue on to the MSc, a further 1 year of study. The MSc enables students to specialise in an area of their choice.

Key Course Information

Download a PDF Brochure about this course Here

Award: Level 9

Application Closing Date : 9th January 2023

Entry Requirements

Participants must have one of the following academic qualifications:

1) Hold an honours degree (L8) in science or engineering or  other relevant cognate area awarded by a recognised degree awarding body or ,

2) Hold a relevant ordinary degree (L7) in science or engineering other relevant cognate area and have obtained a minimum of three years relevant post-qualification experience.

Career Opportunities

You will be qualified to work in a very wide range of areas such as environmental management, enforcement, waste management, energy management, wastewater treatment, noise and air quality and research and development. The career opportunities in this field are varied and include working in industry, environmental consultancy, education and regulatory authorities.

Further Study

Upon achieving honours in the Postgraduate Diploma you may continue onto the Masters in Environmental Protection which is a dissertation and takes one academic year.

Did you know?

This is the longest running distance learning course in the University.  It has been running continually since 1989 and graduates from the course work all over Ireland.  Many of our participants hear about the course from previous graduates who recommend it. 

Programme Fees



Total Programme Fees:



Course Format

There are six, 10 credit subjects on the Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Protection. Each subject takes three months to complete. The subjects are offered consecutively; three subjects per academic year.

The six subjects take two years to complete in a cycle that is indicated below. Since the subjects are offered as a series of independent units, you can opt to start at any time in the cycle.

Year A

Sept - Nov: Water Resource Management

Dec - Feb:    Air and Noise Management

Mar - May:   Environmental Systems

Summer break

Year B

Sept - Nov:  Waste Management and Resource Efficiency

Dec - Feb:   Energy Systems and Management

Mar - May:   Environmental Management