IT Sligo Awards a Record Number of 68 Sports Scholarships


The 2022 Sports Scholarship and Sports Bursary Award ceremony took place in the Institute of Technology Sligo (IT Sligo) on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022.  

The ceremony honoured the 26 first time Sports Scholars and five new Flexible/Online Learning Sports Bursary holders. It was the first in-person award ceremony in over two years due to the pandemic, and it was the last IT Sligo Sports Scholarship award ceremony before becoming Atlantic Technological University (ATU), along with our partners GMIT and LYIT. Irish Olympian Chris O’ Donnell was the guest of honour who joined online from his training camp overseas. 

This year has seen a rise in the number of Sports Scholarships awarded across a wide variety of sports to full-time students, continuing with a record 68 Sports Scholarships being approved.  

The differing levels of scholarship awarded are Scholarship, Silver and Gold.  

In a first for Sport at IT Sligo, a specific Sports Bursary Programme for Flexible / Online Learners was launched. There are Bursary Holders representing a variety of sports, ages, and geographical locations across the country.  

The new Flexible / Online Learners Sports Bursary is awarded at Bursary and Bursary Plus levels.  

Presenting the awards, President of IT Sligo, Dr Brendan McCormack said: 

“This year we celebrate our last ever IT Sligo sports scholarships before becoming the Atlantic Technological University, marking this historic milestone with a record number of 68 scholarships awarded this year! 

All of you are regarded as elite sports people in your chosen field. You have achieved this under extremely difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic. You have missed out on national and international competitions and forced to train alone for many months, a testament to your self- determination and drive to be the best you can be. 

Sport is an integral part of education. Our teams and individual sports people represent this institute on a local, national and international stage. How you represent us is how we are seen by the outside world. Your successes are seen as our successes, therefore the input you have made to IT Sligo is immeasurable in reputation and honour.”

IT Sligo continues to recognise a wide range of sports and sports recognised for the first time this year, including rowing, cycling and pole sport. 

The applications are now open for the academic year 2022/2023.  Applicants who are applying to study at IT Sligo for the first time are encouraged to make their application as early as possible so that they can be considered for the full range of benefits of the programme. 

For full details & to apply, ​go to  




Maitias Eoin Barrett (Galway), Aaron Kellaghan (Offaly), Paul O Hare (Donegal), Richard O’Rourke (Donegal), Elaine Ni Niaidh (Galway), Aoife Morrisroe (Sligo), Jack Davitt (Sligo), Joseph Keaney (Sligo), Cian Lally (Sligo), Alan Davey (Sligo/Roscommon), Katie Mulligan (Cavan), Roisin Rodgers (Donegal), Shane Patrick Monaghan (Donegal), Lorraine Meehan (Galway), Caolan Clancy (Leitrim), Oisin Mc Loughlin (Leitrim), Kieran Clancy Waghela (Leitrim), Luke Jennings (Mayo), Fintan Mc Manamon (Mayo), Kathleen Mc Nally (Mayo), Deirdre Mc Nally (Mayo), Dylan Thornton (Mayo), Barry Thompson (Meath), Tiernan Mc Skean (Monaghan), Lily Vickers (Roscommon), Sean Murphy (Sligo), Ciaran Mc Keon (Sligo), Orán Mc Donagh (Sligo), Luke Molloy (Cavan), Ryan Moore (Westmeath), Lauren Fitzgerald (Sligo), Matthew Mc Gahern (Cavan), Cormac Murray (Clare) 


Ronan Gallagher (Donegal), Amy Boyle Carr (Donegal), Nathan Logue Cunningham (Donegal), Ultan O’Grady (Donegal), James Mc Grath (Mayo), Lauren Mc Lellan (Mayo), Katie Melly (Sligo), Jason Devaney (Sligo), Oisin O Reilly (Westmeath), Ultan Mc Kenna (Sligo), Kaillum Burns (Sligo), Ruth Monaghan (Sligo), Lauren Fitzgerald (Sligo), Peter Maguire (Leitrim), Cillian Heaney (Mayo), James Robinson (Mayo), Scott Lynch (Sligo), Richard O’Rourke (Sligo) 


Lauren Cadden (Sligo), Micheala Byrne (Donegal), Dion Mc Loughlin (Sligo), Vicky Harris (Westmeath), Natasha Kelly (Donegal), Aaron Cadden (Sligo) 


Cian Lally (Sligo), Sophie Carr (Donegal)  


Oran Gallagher (Donegal), Darragh Connolly (Sligo),  


Lucas Thornton (Sligo), Ellen Woodward (Sligo), Daragh Flynn (Cavan) 


Luke Moore (Westmeath) 


Derabhla Rooney (Leitrim)  


Eibhia Ni Mhuireagain (Leitrim)  


Dylan Traynor (Donegal) 


Angela Kosko (Sligo), Hilary Lavin (Mayo), Kate Mc Keown (Sligo), Shauna Kidd (Dublin)  


Ruth Kennedy (Sligo) 


Sara Mc Fadden (Mayo)  


Susan Nolan (Dublin)  


Tara Doocey (Mayo)  


Alan Duffy (Mayo), Euan Brown (Sligo), Calum Goddard (Sligo)  


Robert Savage (Wicklow)  


Elisha Gavigan (Westmeath)  


Finn Mellon (Kerry)