SME Upscaling Academy: Call for Experts


As Project Leaders of the SME Upscaling Academy project, we are seeking experts and mentors with expertise and knowledge in the following industrial areas: Manufacturing, Raw Materials, Sustainability and Digital.

Our project’s aim and objective is to support SMEs by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to achieve their next level of growth over the next 18 months.

The SMEs are predominately from 4 industry-specific areas:

  • Raw material management
  • Sustainable energy
  • Manufacturing Technology solutions
  • Digitalisation

The link to the project website is HERE

The content of the 1-3 hour training workshops will be very much aligned to the SME’s Organisational needs within their relevant sector.

As industry experts or industry mentors, you will be assigned to the delivery of individual workshops as a European-level expert on a designated topic whereby you will be delivering bespoke training, collaborating with fellow mentors and experts on a European scale which will lead to an opening up of further development opportunities.

If interested in becoming an expert and mentor, please complete our application form.

Colleagues with the appropriate level of industry knowledge and expertise will receive direct remuneration for the role.

For further information in relation to our SME Scale-Up Project, please contact SUA Project Lead: or Project Sponsor or