Amy Cullen – BSc (Hons) in Construction Project Management and Applied Technology

Name: Amy Cullen

From: Sligo

School: Coola Post Primary School

Current Job: Project Engineer with King and Moffatt Building Services, Carrick-on-Shannon

I studied construction throughout my time in secondary school in Coola Post Primary. I always knew this was something I had a huge interest in. I finished my leaving cert when I was 16 and obtained a place on the Level 7 BSc Advanced Wood and Sustainable Building Technology in ATU Sligo. I chose this as it was a hands-on degree. After completing the 3 year Level 7 I then had the option to continue into the Level 8 in Construction Project Management with Applied Technology degree. This was a one year add-on which I completed and I graduated with my honours degree in 2022.

During my studies, I really enjoyed the workshop classes as they were hands on, and I am a person who has to be busy and working with my hands. We completed projects on roofs, handing doors, foundations, stairs and many more building elements. By carrying out these projects, I got an insight into how they are constructed and it helped figure out if a specific area was something I wished to pursue as a career. I also really enjoyed the computer classes where we used software such as AutoCAD, revit and solid works.

These was many different skills that I took away with me from ATU Sligo. The hand craft skills from workshop classes, the knowledge of different modules such as passive house, renewable energy, procurement, law and sustainable construction. These have helped me develop an excellent knowledge. The use of software such as AutoCAD, Revit and Solid Works is a huge skill I have brought with me as I use these in my current job role.

A week after finished my degree I secured my current role with King and Moffatt Building Services as a Project Engineer. King and Moffatt are a Mechanical and Electrical company. I deal with the electrical side of things. Within this role I gather data sheets and combine them into folders and send across to clients, attend site to ensure that works are in line with the programme, and making sure that socket, lights, smoke heads, etc are installed and in the correct location. I also complete progress reports with a two week look ahead, complete on Operational and Maintenance Manual for works that have been completed, and there are many other jobs that I carry out in my current role.

My goal at this point in my career is to progress to a CSA Engineer which is Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering. CSA Engineering gives an insight into general construction, gives you an insight into all aspects of the job and the works as well. My current role is just electrical based, and I would like to broaden my knowledge even more. After I gain more knowledge and gather an insight into other roles and figure out when masters I would like to do, I plan to go back and complete my masters studies in ATU Sligo.

Project Management is a job that has a big responsibility but like every other job training is provided. Personally speaking, taking on project management has boosted my confidence as I now play a role in the production of a construction project. I cannot recommend this job enough.

ATU Sligo had such a wonderful homely feel to it, the staff, the students, just everything about it was just so nice. The buildings itself is so modern and the construction labs are state of the art. I would highly highly recommend ATU Sligo – if I had the choice to go back in the morning I would!

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