Amy Halligan – BSc in Health Science and Physiology

Name: Amy Halligan

School: Presentation College Headford

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to choose your course 

I have always been interested in sport and took my hand to everything as a child including athletics, gymnastics, soccer, hurling, and football and I did competitive Irish dancing up until I was about 12 – that was when I gave it all up to focus on football.  I chose this course as I am hoping to go on and study occupational therapy as I am naturally altruistic and have always wanted a career in health care as I am very passionate about personal development and have a great love for helping people and aiding them in reaching their own goals.

Why did you choose ATU Sligo? 

I choose ATU Sligo as I liked the course and what it has to offer and how it will help me and has helped me gain valuable knowledge that I hope to future develop when I start studying OT. Also, when I attended the Open Day at ATU Sligo I loved the college environment and how it was so student-centred. But the main attraction for me was the facilities, both the sport and academic facilities are first class.  Also, ATU Sligo is in an ideal location and everything a student needs is near each other which I found handy.

What advice would you give someone thinking about choosing ATU Sligo?  

Pick the college that is right for you but I can tell from experience that I love studying at ATU Sligo. The lecturers are so supportive and are always at hand to help and nothing is a challenge or bother to them, they only love to help and see you excel in your learning. Also, ATU Sligo is such a modern university and offers the best lecture halls, library and sports facilities. It is in an ideal location and the accommodation is so nice while also being so affordable and lower than various other places.

Do you like Sligo as a student town? e.g. things to do, food, nightlife, clubs and societies, accommodation etc. 

Yes definitely, what I love about Sligo is that even though it is a relatively small town, it has various outstanding restaurants and clubs to go to and also has all the shops and facilities that all students need nearby.  

What specifically about your course do you particularly enjoy? 

I particulate enjoy the practical element of my course as I have always enjoyed hands-on work and learning through practice. Also, I have always been massively interested in the body and how it works. Throughout my course, I have studied various modules such as Functional Anatomy, Human Biology and Biomechanics of Human movement that have enhanced my knowledge even further on this topic and are modules that I have enjoyed as well due to the high practical element that comes with them.

What would you say to a student thinking about studying your course? 

If you are in any way interested in the body and mind and how they work, then you will enjoy studying this course. It is a great course and offers various job prospects after completion which is why it is so popular amongst students. This course is ideal for people who are unsure of what they want to do but know that they want to go down the line of sport or health care e.g becoming a Physio, OT, Fitness instructor etc.

Tell us about your sporting career/success so far? 

I got asked into the Mayo minors team in my second-year minor and played a key role for that team playing halfback for the whole season. The following year, which I was very surprised at, I then got called into the Senior team and am currently still part of the panel. I have won various awards for my Club team such as player of the year in 2017 and player of the Friends of Darragh’s tournament in 2019. I have won 2 shield county titles with my hurling club, Sylane. I was also part of an athletics relay team in secondary school that came 1st in Connaught qualifying for the All-Ireland’s and placing 3rd. I captained my club minor team in 2017 to a county final which we sadly lost but that team hadn’t reached a final in various years so it was an achievement in itself. I also captained my Secondary school’s soccer team to a Connaught final which we won. I also won the PPS Sweeney oil Competition with my secondary school football team. I have also won a shield final with my club’s junior team.

What is the best thing about sports and sports facilities at ATU Sligo? 

The sports facilities at ATU Sligo are second to none and offer a wide variety of facilities and activities for various sports. The managers, coaches and support you get are top class, they can never do enough for you. They are very passionate and competitive in every sport at ATU Sligo which I love, and all the teams I am involved in are competing at the highest level which is a massive bonus.

How has the sports scholarship benefited you? What are its advantages of it? 

The sports scholarship has allowed me to excel in my sport as it has not only allowed me the opportunity to gain access to all the various outstanding facilities at any time to future develop my skills, strength and various other aspects that I would not be able to achieve without the help of this scholarship.  But I have also gained so much knowledge and support from various coaches, managers and nutritionists that have developed me as a player and have enabled me to get that extra 1% that every player strives for.

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