Angela Kosko – BSc (Hons) in Human Nutrition

Name: Angela Kosko

From: Sligo but I lived in Italy until I was 17

School: St. Mary’s College, Ballysadare

Postgraduate Study: MSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

From a young age, I have been interested in food and the way in which our diet impacts our health. My mother was always conscious of having a healthy diet and lifestyle, and this has been passed on to me. Nutrition as a science is always evolving and the prospect of learning about it excites me. I am very altruist and love helping people. This degree is already impacting my own health, that of my family and will also empower me to make changes in other people’s lives!

What I love most about Human Nutrition in ATU Sligo, is that it covers all areas of nutrition – from food composition to how the human body works and how we think, as human nutrition is not just about food. You learn a lot about the significance of health and I love applying this to my own life! The lecturers are experts in this area. They are passionate about health and nutrition and transmit their passion to us, making teaching interactive and enjoyable. In this degree, you will take part in lots of laboratories which are fun and a great way to develop new skills.

The degree is challenging and stimulating, making you want to learn more and more. You gain skills and a deep understanding of a wide range of nutrition sectors, such as sports nutrition and clinical nutrition.

I would encourage new students not to be scared or worried as everyone in the university is really welcoming and helpful. ATU Sligo offers one-to-one care for students that is not easily found in big city universities. A tip for first year students is to keep their notes tidy and to store them, as you will need them again over the next few years!

When you join ATU Sligo, get involved in college activities and to be open to new experiences, as there is so much going on in. I joined the STUNT Club (competitive cheerleading in a different format) in first year with a friend. Before I joined I wasn’t sure if I would keep it up. However, I loved it so much that I ended up becoming the club treasurer!

Sligo offers many other advantages to students too. Accommodation is much more affordable than in most other student towns and cities. All amenities are within walking distance from the campus – bus/train station, restaurants, cinema, pubs and nightclubs. My favourite part of Sligo is its location – situated along the Wild Atlantic Way with breath-taking views! You can surf, climb mountains, go horse riding and go for walks, enjoying the beautiful nature.

In my final year of study I applied to an MSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in the University of Limerick. I was successful in my application and started this programme in September 2022. I am excited for my future career as a dietitian.

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