Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Design

  • NFQ Level 8
  • Points Required 282*
  • Course Code SG245
  • Award Honours Degree Abinitio
  • Duration 4

Course Summary

The Creative Design programme at IT Sligo gives students the skills and experience needed to become an industry-ready designer to work in many different areas to suit their design interests. Graduates of this course are designing cars, apps, medical devices, and are working in design areas like graphics, electronic products, start-ups and more.

This course is for you if you are a creative problem-solver and interested in becoming a designer. The world we live in needs good designers. The programme provides you with the opportunity to shape the world you live in. Everything you use in everyday life has been creatively designed by someone. From the toothbrush you use first thing in the morning, the shoes and clothes you wear, the phones, cars and computers you use, the services you enjoy, to the bed you sleep in last thing at night.

Some things are designed and work better than others. Innovative design solutions are fundamental to economic growth, social development and prosperity across all sectors in the modern world, irrespective of where you live.

This course educates future creative designers, enabling you to to become proficient in a range of analytical, technical, R&D, social and applied design skills. When you complete this course you will already be an experienced and professional designer, ready and confident to take on the challenges of the design world. Working on real-world design projects for real-world clients is a central element of this course.

During this exciting and challenging course you are given an in-depth education in creative design, and from day one given real opportunities to work with companies and other outside bodies to develop essential innovative and technical skills.

Students will learn to draw, sketch, use computer aided design (CAD), digital media, model-making, and learn how to research and analyse to build better design solutions. 

Students will discover the joy in design. Students will use design thinking skills to create imaginative solutions to complex problems creating concepts that shape real change in how we live our lives. 

Students will use the workshop space to make real world projects in partnership with companies and industry partners and with the users of the product solutions.

Students will learn to use all their design skills to transform their unique ideas into product solutions for the benefit of society and to help to promote sustainable economic growth. Design students enjoy being creative. They will grow in confidence, learning how to be playful, and to listen to and trust their creative intuition.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO courses at IT Sligo are available for download below:

Mathematics is not required to study the BA (Hons) in Creative Design.

Career Opportunities

Design’s adaptability in continuously evolving environments is what makes its practices relevant in times of change. It has never been more valued as an economic force, nor has it been as culturally influential as it is now. For recent graduates, this course has provided a competitive edge for entering the workplace. The skills learnt on the course are applicable to product/service ideation, development or improvement, or for startups and R&D teams who may be developing new and innovative offerings.Startup companies increasingly recognise the value of including designers in the early stages of business development and more and more companies now have their own design teams, and include “design” in their portfolios.

Examples of recent vacancies advertised by leading companies in this field include:

•Visual Designer

•Human-Centered Designer

•Environmental Designer

•Creative Designer

•Design Consultant

•Design Researcher

•Service & Interaction Designer – UI/UX Designer

•Designer for Social Impact

Further Study

Graduates will be eligible to undertake further studies at Masters and PhD level such as the Master of Arts in Creative Practice here at IT Sligo.

Master of Arts in Creative Practice


“This course allowed to me explore all aspects of design using various creative platforms. This led me to design innovative ideas and develop my interest and skills in design.”

Jamie Keaveney, Graduate of BA (Hons) in Creative Design and Highly Recommended at the Institute of Designers Ireland (IDI) awards

“After graduating I went on to design an AV1 robot with a company called NoIsolation. The AV1 robot is a humanised machine that gives sick children, unable to attend school, a presence in the classroom. After this I went  on to work on many other exciting projects. This course has opened up so many opportunities for me.”

Jostein Robstad, Graduate of BA (Hons) in Creative Design

Did you know?

We also offer this degree at Level 7 - BA in Creative Design

Students have the option of work placement in Year Three, which includes the opportunity to take part in an International Student Exchange Programme.

Working on real-world design projects for real-world clients is a central element of this course. During this exciting and challenging course you are given an in-depth education in creative design, and from day one given real opportunities to work with companies and other outside bodies to develop essential innovative and technical skills.

In the final year, students will use all the skills they have gained in the previous three years to produce their final project, which will be exhibited to the public in IT Sligo’s Annual Design Showcase.

Our students are multi award winning. Each year they have great success at design awards.

In 2019, Paul Roper was shortlisted by the Institute of Designers Ireland (IDI) at the annual design awards in Dublin. He was recognised for not one but two of his designs in the Industrial and Consumer Products category; The LockOn trailer hitching device and his re-design of the clothes peg, MagPin for which he was awarded the IDI award. The MagPin was also the overall winner in the Universal Design category, which is regarded as one of the most prestigious and difficult areas of design.

The IT Sligo graduate was also identified as one of the top graduate designers in the world for his design skills by the Global Undergraduate Awards. After a rigorous and lengthy judging process led by over 400 expert academics worldwide, Paul made first place in Ireland and Europe and was top four in the world in his category.


Jostein Robstad tells us what he has been up to since he graduated from the BA (Hons) in Creative Design.

Course Format

Semester 1

Product Design 1 (Introduction of Core Skills)05
Professional Practice 1 (Core Communication Skills)05
CAD for Design 1 (Introduction)05
Digital Media for Design 1 (Foundation skills)05
Visual and Material Culture 1 (Introduction & Historical Survey)05
Visual Literacy05

Semester 2

Product Design 2 (Application of Core skills)10
Digital Media for Design 2 (Applied Digital Projects)05
CAD for Design 2 (Intermediate Geometry)05
Design Applied - Material and Processes05
Visual and Material Culture 2 (Frameworks of Modernity)05

Semester 3

Product Design 3 (User Centered Design)10
CAD for Design 3 (Advanced 3D Part)05
Digital Media for Design 3 (Digital rendering)05
Marketing for Designers05
Visual and Material Culture 3: (The Contemporary World)05

Semester 4

CAD for Design 4 (Assembly)05
Product Design 4 (Designer and Client)10
Visual and Material Culture 4 ( Design for Social Impact)05
Digital Media for Design 4 (Vector graphics)05
Digital Lens Based Media 4 - Intro to Video Production05

Semester 5

Product Design 5 (Industry/Competition Project)10
Creative Interdisciplinary Practice I05
CAD for Design 5 (Product)05
Digital Media for Design 5 (3D modeling)05
Professional Practice 5 (Business Planning)05

Semester 6

Legal Issues for Creative Industries [E]05
Product Design 6 (Portfolio of Experience) [E]20
Design in Context 1 (Research Methodologies) [E]05
Work Placement (Elective) [E]25
Erasmus Experience (Design) [E]30

Semester 7

Product Design 7 (Design Thinking)15
Design in Context 2 (Research Report)05
Professional Communications 1 (Visual Identity & Branding)05
Digital Practice 1 (Production Drawing) [E]05
Digital Practice 2 (Digital Products) [E]05

Semester 8

Product Design 8 (Design Professionalism)15
Portfolio (Professional Designer)05
Design in Context 3 (Research and Engagement)05
Professional Communications 2 (Designer Profile)05

[E] = Elective Module. Modules subject to availability.