David Aderogba – BA (Hons) in Creative Design

Name: David Aderogba

From: Laois

School: Mountmellick Community School

Current Job: Designer and Creative Director with GUAP MAGAZINE

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to choosing your degree.

I’m a first generation designer in my whole family and being creative was always something that has been inside me – sketching, illustrating and using that medium of art to tell stories was something I enjoyed since young. Both my parents fuelled the spark of creativity in me and they supported that the best way they could. Although they didn’t have much knowledge being from Nigeria of where this could take me career wise they still pushed me to make sure I was happy. What led me to choose this degree was my Primary School Teacher and my Guidance Counsellor as they saw the potential that I had but did not see. I actually wanted to do fine art in NCAD but I was told that ATU Sligo was the best place for me, so I listened and began my journey.

What specifically about the degree did you particularly enjoy?

How free and comfortable the space is with the degree, I called my year “My Creative Family” because we were all in this together. The lecturers were there whenever we needed them, the projects were always testing our ability as creatives to create and innovate. My favourite aspect of the degree was the Branding and Marketing as I’m a brand owner and it gave me the insight information that I could apply in the real world as a designer. Being able to be in the real world and apply everything I have learnt whilst in ATU Sligo is amazing. Meetings with clients, production shoots, campaigns for brands etc.

What is the best thing about the degree that you think new applicants should know?

I love how we touched on different roles in the creative industry including graphic designer, product designer, video editor, 3D designer and more.

Any favourite modules during your time studying?

YES, definitely Product Design and Identity & Branding module!

What key skills did you learn while studying in ATU Sligo that have influenced your career?

Most definitely, being able to communicate my ideas, business plans or pitch decks with clients. Understanding all the Adobe softwares as this made me stand out from others that only knew how to use one programme. Collaboration was a key skill I gained, especially whilst completing group work and understanding how another creative think’s and meeting them in the middle with both your ideas. Lastly, the importance of meeting deadlines was very vital. It taught us to be on time from the start to the end of a three month project whilst having to present it at the end.

Can you share some detail of your career path or further studies to date

I’m currently expanding myself as a designer globally, networking with other designers and creatives in different countries. I design for various different brands, music labels, artists and more. Creating artwork for musicians for albums and tour dates, my love for clothes has also allowed me to design clothing for musicians and press runs. Branding identity for new business and existing business, reshaping the look and feel for a new audience. I’m currently embarking on a journey of being a creative director as my own personal brand has allowed me to dive into various roles like being a director and conducting how shoots should go, what location, time and date and how everything should be.

What does your current role involve?

My current role as a designer involves a lot of things such as making sure deliverables are met for the time requested, assets for events, campaigns are completed and ready for the expected date and time. It involves me looking over things and understanding tones and moods, colour references, how it makes the human body feel when they see it, understanding branding and a brand’s identity, who is the brand targeted towards ? What is their story? Who is it designed for? So yeah, the job does require me to do a lot and think a lot but I love it

What advice would you share with our current students considering a career in your field?

Come and just be yourself, that’s what I do. Embracing that sometimes some things might not go the way you want it to but that’s the fun part about this career, there’s really no right or wrong answer. Enjoy expecting the unexpected, what you think people will love might be the complete opposite. That’s the beauty in design and creativity, my worst work could be the work that everyone loves and enjoys and that’s the way the world works. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else around you, what makes you different is the way you carry yourself, the way you create, the way you think and that in itself is powerful. Don’t be afraid to network with people who are in positions you see yourself being in and exchange contacts. You don’t know who will remember you only because of that one encounter and that one conversation could change your life.

What did you like best about studying in ATU Sligo?

I loved how free and comfortable the degree was compared to other degrees and how we get a touch on different roles in the creative industry. The lecturers were amazing, the projects really built me into the designer that I am now. If it wasn’t for ATU Sligo I wouldn’t be in the position I am in now as a creative designer.

What advice would you give a first-year student starting in ATU Sligo?

Enjoy the process, I definitely did! The growth from Year 1 to Year 4 was a blast and it really does fly. From a student that started his business in ATU Sligo whilst studying, use this opportunity to learn more about yourself, understand that there are many roles in this creative industry. Find what you love and go for it. This degree teaches you a lot, things you love and things you’ll grow to love later on. Believe me on that.

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