BEng in Precision Engineering and Design

  • NFQ Level 7
  • Points Required 309*
  • Course Code SG336
  • Award Ordinary Bachelor Degree Abinitio
  • Duration 3

Course Summary

Precision engineering is a specialist branch of mechanical engineering which involves the design and manufacture of complex products, machines, tools and instruments, whose parts must be precisely correct in size and shape, have exceptionally tight tolerances and be produced repeatedly to exact specifications. Precision engineering is often defined as having an accuracy of1x106 - that’s one millionth of a metre, or 1 micron.

The manufacturing companies that now operate in Ireland typically design and make sophisticated products, almost always in very large quantities and with high level of precision.

This Precision Engineering programme will focus on:

  • Precision Design – product, mould, tool and machine design
  • Computer Aided Manufacture – CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programming & machining
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies – automation, polymer processing, materials
  • Metrology – Precision measurement and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Manufacturing Requirements – validation, quality management, lean manufacturing and project management

Design is a key activity on this programme and graduates will acquire the skills needed for the design of precision products, such as medical devices, the design of precision tooling, such as plastic injection moulds and the design of automation equipment, such as assembly machinery.

Students will also learn how to program and use computer numerical control (CNC) machines used to make precision components and precision measurement equipment such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

Advanced manufacturing techniques, automation, computer integrated manufacturing technologies and the use of polymer processing technolgies used for plastic moulding are also addressed.

The precision engineering programmes at IT Sligo have been designed to meet 21st century manufacturing requirements and to ensure that graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills now needed in modern manufacturing companies.



Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO courses at IT Sligo are available for download below:

Career Opportunities

Our graduates are in very high demand to meet the skills shortages in the precision industry, both nationally and internationally. 

Graduates will be employed in design, manufacturing, project management, CNC programming, metrology, validation and procurement roles in high-performance, advanced manufacturing and precision engineering companies.

Further Study

Graduates who achieve an average mark of 50% in this course are eligible to progress to the BEng (Hons) in Precision Engineering and Design (Level 8) at IT Sligo, or related Level 8 courses in other third-level institutions. 

BEng (Hons) in Precision Engineering and Design add-on

Did you know?

Skill shortages have been identified in precision engineering, particularly for designers of precision products, tools and machines, with increased job opportunities for graduates possessing these skills. IT Sligo has consulted widely with industry to develop this programme.

This course concentrates on the design of precision plastic and metal products, mould and die design, together with all of the related manufacturing, polymer processing, metrology and validation technologies.

Final year students design and manufacture a working prototype that is often linked with a company. The final year projects are regularly submitted to national competitions and student projects have won several awards including the Engineers Ireland Award.