Kathleen Mc Nally – BSc (Hons) in Public Health and Health Promotion (add-on)

Name: Kathleen Mc Nally

School: Sancta Maria College, Louisburgh, Mayo.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to choose your course 

I have a twin sister called Deirdre McNally who is also on a scholarship and studying at ATU Sligo. I love playing GAA and trying out other sports. I enjoy coaching my local U8 and U10 every week . I chose to study Health Science and Physiology as I had an interest in a career related to health. I wasn’t sure what area of health I wanted to work in so I decided to do this course to help me decide what area I would like to study further. 

Why did you choose ATU Sligo? 

I chose ATU Sligo as when I came to visit it I liked the campus. I had looked at a few other colleges, but I like what ATU Sligo had to offer it was the best for me in comparison to others I had looked at. 

What advice would you give someone thinking about choosing ATU Sligo? 

ATU Sligo is great and it is modern. ATU is a small college in comparison to other colleges but that’s what makes it nice. You get to know so many different people through sport, college and nightlife. You get to know many people not just in your course.  

Do you like Sligo as a student town? e.g. things to do, food, nightlife, clubs and societies, accommodation etc. 

Accommodation is relatively cheap in comparison to other colleges. All accommodation is easy walking distance from the campus and town. There is also great public transport from the college grounds to other places such as Strandhill, which is a lovely trip on a sunny day. There are great sports facilities and clubs available to join.  There is plenty to do around the town lovely places to eat and there is also a cinema. Nights out are great craic and not overly expensive! 

What specifically about your course do you particularly enjoy? 

I like how it is small classes, you get to know classmates and lecturers well. I like the broad range of areas looked at it in the course that prepares you for future careers and study opportunities. 

What would you say to a student thinking about studying your course? 

It is a very busy course from the beginning. There is a broad range of modules covered which is interesting to try out and can help you to decide on future areas of study or careers. Every semester has lots of practical elements using great equipment facilities that are available in ATU Sligo. The lecturers are very helpful and get to know you throughout the course due to the small class numbers and many practical sessions. 

Tell us about your sporting career/success so far? 

Played with Mayo U14, U16 and Minors. 

Won intermediate and junior titles with my club. 

Played in goal with the ATU Sligo soccer team in 2018/2019 and won the O’Regan cup at Intervarsities. 

Played in goal with the ATU Sligo futsal team when we won the CUFL national futsal final in 2019. 

Won the 2018 GAA Freshers blitz with ATU Sligo and kicked the winning point to win in the shoot out. 

What is the best thing about sports and sports facilities at ATU Sligo? 

Very modern facilities. Great astroturf and GAA pitch. The gym is fantastic. Being part of an ATU Sligo team feels rewarding and worthwhile as it is really enjoyable and great friendships can be made. 

How has the sports scholarship benefited you? What are its advantages of it? 

It has given me more confidence as a player. I had put a lot of dedication and time into playing sports growing up. Recently I had put in a good effort playing both GAA and soccer for the ATU so it was nice to be recognised for my achievements. This has given me more motivation to keep it up and continue to play for the college and club.  

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