Bachelor of Business in Tourism with Event Management

  • NFQ Level 7
  • Points Required 187*
  • Course Code SG135
  • Award Ordinary Bachelor Degree Abinitio
  • Duration 3

Course Summary

If you enjoy travel and working with people then this course will appeal to you. It includes a six month work placement in Ireland or abroad where you will be working in a tourism-related environment. Previously, placement students have worked in national or local tourism development agencies, travel agencies, tour operators, heritage and archaeological centres and tourism attractions abroad, throughout Europe and the USA.

Our course includes site visits to tourism operations and firms within the region which offer an important aspect to the course. We also organise international field trips to tourist destinations such as Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Venice, Frankfurt and Rome. We invite guest lecturers with a national or international profile to contribute to the programme.

What is Tourism?

What do a surf school, a cafe, a large hotel group and a major international airline all have in common? They are all tourism businesses. Whatever your ambition, the possibilities are endless. As Ireland’s largest indigenous industry, the tourism sector provides you with a broad platform to build an exciting and successful career. A career in tourism is your passport to travel the world! Globally tourism is the world’s fastest growing economic sector. International tourist arrivals currently total over 1 billion and forecast by 2030 to reach 1.8 billion! Europe receives the most international tourist arrivals and 1 in 10 jobs globally and 7% of total world exports are tourism related (surpassing oil, automobiles & even food products!)

Key Skills:

We have embedded key skills in the course to ensure our graduates are equipped to work in the tourism and events management industries:

  • You will gain awareness and understanding of core tourism concepts and trends including cultural, adventure, eco- and events-related tourism developments
  • You will also understand sustainability issues including managing tourism impacts and tourism planning marketing
  • You will build competencies in core business areas including management, marketing, finance, law and digital media marketing
  • You will learn people-related skills including communication, interpersonal, team-working and customer service skills
  • You will build your understanding of conceptual and organisational skills including collecting and organising information, problem-solving, planning and organising, innovation and creativity
  • Language study is available as an elective in French, German or Spanish

The work placement module takes place at the end of year 2 and runs from April to September. In addition you will work and engage with organisations both locally, regionally and nationally helping in areas such as market research, promotion materials and promotional events.

For any enquiries email John Kelleher

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO courses at IT Sligo are available for download below:

Garda vetting:

You should note that all entrants to this course will be required to undergo vetting by the Garda Síochána. If you have a criminal conviction in Ireland or elsewhere, this may adversely impact on your ability to undertake a professional placement or to secure employment.

Career Opportunities

Graduates in tourism are much sought after and the skills developed are transferable internationally and from one aspect of the industry to another. You are likely to work in national or local tourism development agencies; travel agencies; tour companies; ecotourism, cultural attractions, events, festivals or community development.

The broad business knowledge and skills gained by completing this course has enabled many of our graduates to pursue rewarding careers in a wide variety of areas such as management, marketing, non for profit sector or teaching.

Graduates progress to work across a range of organisations, including festival/event management companies, airports / airlines / cruise ships, tour operators/travel agents, conference and business tourism, wellness / health spa tourism resorts / destination specialists, heritage / conservation projects, hospitality, and financial / sales & marketing.

Further Study

Previously, suitably qualified graduates have progressed to the level 8 add-on honours degree in Business where they continued their specialism in tourism or opted for the marketing or general stream. You then have an opportunity to complete a one year taught M.Sc in Marketing or undertake a Masters by Research. Many of our tourism graduates proceed to post-graduate studies by research to either Masters (L9) or PhD (L10).


Did you know?

Students may, if they wish, choose to study a foreign language such as Spanish, French, or German and may study abroad for a semester in one of our partner institution throughout Europe.


Dr. Kelly Maguire

Kelly is a senior Lecturer in International Tourism Management and Events Management at Liverpool John Moore’s University. She completed her doctorate at IT Sligo following on from this programme. "IT Sligo is a fantastic place to study.... I have loved every minute".

Kelly has worked with Local Authorities in planning large-scale outdoor public events in Ireland and has worked as an independent research consultant in technologies for tourism and travel apps. She has acted as co-principal investigator on industry research funded by the National Tourism Development Authority of Ireland.

Her research interests include sustainable planning for events and tourism, environmental impacts of events/tourism, socio-cultural impacts of events/tourism, economic impacts of events/tourism, Local Authority planning for events, event licensing and regulatory systems of events and community engagement in drive tourism on the Wild Atlantic Way


Course Format

Semester 1

Introduction to Tourism05
Introduction to Business Technology05
Personal Learning and Development05
Tourism Fieldtrips & Seminars 05
Management 05
German Beginners Level 1 Semester 1 [E]05
French Beginners Level 1 Semester 1 [E]05
Spanish Beginners Level 1 Semester 1 [E]05
German Post Leaving Cert Level 1 Semester 1 [E]05
French Post Leaving Cert Level 1 Semester 1 [E]05
Spanish Post Leaving Cert Level 1 Semester 1 [E]05
Politics for Business Students - Change and Transformation in Modern Ireland [E]05
Introduction to Cultural Tourism [E]05

Semester 2

Adventure Tourism05
Teamwork and Creativity05
Tourism & Travel Industry 05
Intro to Event Management 05
German Post Leaving Cert Level 1 Semester 2 [E]05
Spanish Post-Leaving Certificate Level 1 Semester 2 [E]05
French Post Leaving Cert Level 1 Semester 2 [E]05
French Beginners Level 1 Semester 2 [E]05
German Beginners Level 1 Semester 2 [E]05
Spanish Beginners Level 1 Semester 2 [E]05
Culture and Heritage [E]05
Business and Society in Contemporary Ireland [E]05

Semester 3

Intermediate Business Technology05
Managing the Impacts of Tourism05
Introduction to Management Accounting L605
Events Management05
Experiential Tourism Marketing 05
Managing People 1 (6) [E]05
European Studies  [E]05
Spanish Beginners Level 2 Semester 1 [E]05
Spanish Post-Leaving Certificate Level 2 Semester 1 [E]05
French Post Leaving Cert Level 2 Semester 1 [E]05
German Beginners Level 2 Semester 1  [E]05
French Beginners Level 2 Semester 1 [E]05

Semester 4

Innovative Tourism Customer Service 05
Introduction to Financial accounting05
Work placement15

Semester 5

Marketing Communications for Tourism05
Tourism Entrepreneurship 05
Community Tourism Capacity 05
Marketing Technology (for Tourism)05
Business and Tourism Law05
Cultural and Creative Tourism [E]05
International Marketing [E]05
Introduction to Financial Management [E]05
German Beginners Level 3 Semester 1  [E]05
Spanish Beginners Level 3 Semester 1 [E]05
Spanish Post-Leaving Certificate Level 3 Semester 1 [E]05
German Post Leaving Cert level 3 Semester 1 [E]05
French Beginners Level 3 Semester 1  [E]05
French Post Leaving Cert Level 3 Semester 1 [E]05

Semester 6

Events Project Management05
Research Methods for Tourism & Business05
Tourism Destination Management 05
Principles of Economics05
Health and Safety Law for Events05
Strategies for Cultural and Creative Tourism [E]05
Applied International Marketing [E]05
Managing People 2 [E]05
Introduction to Management Accounting [E]05
Spanish Beginners Level 3 Semester 2 [E]05
Spanish Post-Leaving Certificate Level 3 Semester 2 [E]05
German Beginners Level 3 Semester 2  [E]05
German Post Leaving Cert Level 3 Semester 2  [E]05
French Beginners Level 3 Semester 2  [E]05
French Post Leaving Cert Level 3 Semester 2  [E]05

[E] = Elective Module. Modules subject to availability.