Eibhia Ní Mhuireagáin – BBs (Hons) in Marketing

Name: Eibhia Ní Mhuireagáin

From: Leitrim

School: Ursuline College, Sligo

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to choosing your course?

I am someone who has always had an interest in languages. Spanish was my favourite subject in secondary school. I knew that I wanted to study languages in college, but I thought that studying a pure language degree might leave my options quite limited. I aspire to one day start my own business and work for myself. Therefore, the business side of the marketing degree appealed to me. I get to study marketing, business and a language. Perfect!

Why did you choose ATU Sligo?

I chose ATU Sligo as I live in Manorhamilton which is a thirty minute drive from the college. This meant that I could save money on travel expenses, accommodation and other bills that I would otherwise be faced with if I had moved away. ATU Sligo offered everything that I was looking for.

What advice would you give someone thinking about choosing ATU Sligo?

I would advise them to attend the Open Day and check out the campus to get a feel for the college life here. I would also advise them to take a day to explore the town and see what it has to offer.  Depending on the college you choose, the class sizes will vary. In my case, the class sizes in ATU Sligo were smaller than I initially anticipated. As my time in ATU Sligo has progressed, I really appreciate having a smaller class as I feel more comfortable asking questions. I can get more feedback and guidance from my lecturers than if I was in a larger class.

Could you tell us about your Erasmus?

In third year, I got to go on an Erasmus. This involves travelling to a partner institute to study. I chose to go to Malaga in Spain and spent six months studying there. It was an unbelievable experience. My language skills improved and also my confidence and independence. It was also fascinating to learn about Marketing in an international setting. I made so many new friends and got to travel around different parts of Spain and Europe. I would highly recommend anybody studying Marketing to take up this opportunity. You won’t regret it!

What specifically about your course do you particularly enjoy?

I enjoy gaining insight into all aspects of marketing – how important it is for a business and learning the best practice. Nowadays, marketing plays a central role in the success of a business. I love the creative and practical elements of the course. We get the opportunity to create and pitch marketing campaign ideas, to not only our lecturers and fellow class mates, but to actual business owners too!

Do you like Sligo as a student town?

Sligo has so much to offer students. The food options are endless and the night life is great. There are plenty of different bars and night clubs, each with something unique to offer. There are also clubs and societies for all interests. It offers the best of both worlds- it is a lively student town but it also has tranquil areas filled with beautiful nature.

Tell us about your sporting successes so far?

My greatest and most memorable success was getting selected to represent Ireland in the 2018 Olympia in Batumi, Georgia. It was an honour getting the opportunity to play against the top players from different countries all around the globe. I have represented Ireland in many international tournaments but my experience playing at the Olympia is one I hold very close to my heart and I consider it the highlight of my chess career so far.

What is the best thing about sport and sports facilities at ATU Sligo?

The gym itself is a fantastic place to train. There is a wide range of equipment and the atmosphere inside is very motivating. As a chess player, it is important to keep physically fit and active to use the mind to the best of its capabilities. Chess games can last up to five hours, for the mind to not fatigue early, the body must be physically fit.

How has the sports scholarship benefited you?

The scholarship has benefited me greatly. Not only has it eased my financial stress with regards to paying for my coaching, it has also lit a fire of determination within me. The scholarship reassures me that ATU Sligo is supporting me. Now, more than ever, I am determined to push myself and progress towards my goal of making the Olympia team once again.

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