Fintan Mc Manamon – BBs in Applied Sport with Business

Name: Fintan Mc Manamon

School: Rice College, Westport, Mayo

Why did you choose ATU Sligo? 

I chose ATU Sligo because when I came here for the Open Day, I liked the facilities the gym and the pitches etc. and the college itself it’s a very well looked after university and it’s not that big either so it’s rarely you will get lost and that’s one of the main reasons that everything is close to you. 

What advice would you give someone thinking about choosing ATU Sligo? 

I have had a really enjoyable year last year from footballing, to social life, to college. With football, I made so many new friends for life and made some unforgettable memories with them. With college, I enjoyed college last year the lecturers were so easy going and so friendly and they were so helpful. With social life, Sligo is one of the most well-known spots for socialising, it’s great fun and the best thing is that if you meet someone on a night out you’re going to bump into them again because it’s not that big of a place, and I love that.

What specifically about your course do you particularly enjoy? 

I enjoy how much practical work is in it, I love getting involved with games and teaching younger children their games. We have a close group which is helpful, everyone in our course is very helpful and we get along really well, I think all of our lecturers are so easy going to which makes life a lot easier.

Tell us about your sporting career/success so far? 

The main highlight of my career would have been playing in Croke Parke in the Hogan Cup final, I started midfield for that team and we lost by a single point in the final which was hard to take. I have numerous achievements for the club as the player of the year and top score and young club player of the year last year. I was on the Mayo under 20s two years ago also. Last year, we reached the all Ireland semi-final with ATU Sligo and it got called off when Covid hit.

What is the best thing about sports and the facilities at ATU Sligo? 

Well for me the best thing about sport at ATU Sligo is how passionate the managers are. Last year the managers were so well driven and determined and they bled it into all of us and we became a very hard, well-focused team and a really hard team to beat. We had a very good togetherness last year on our team. The facilities are second to none in Sligo, the GAA pitch is in immense shape and the gym has everything you need.

How has the sports scholarship benefited you? What are its advantages of it? 

The sports scholarship has benefited me in many ways, from getting a free gym membership, which is very beneficial for a footballer because when you get stuff for free you will take advantage of it and I did, it befitted me in a way of keeping in shape throughout last year.

What long term sporting goals you are aiming for: 

I’m hoping to make the Sigerson team this, I want to start. I am also hoping to get into the Mayo senior development team in the coming years is a goal of mine.  Hopefully win some silverware with my club Burrishoole also.

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