Leah O’Hara – BBs in Marketing

Name: Leah O’Hara

School: Cnoc Mhuire Granard, Longford

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose Marketing?

I always really enjoyed languages in school, especially French so I knew I wanted to pursue that in college. This degree allows you to take on a language as an elective if you wish. You don’t have to but you can! I also knew I needed to improve my spoken French, so the opportunity to spend a year abroad in a French-speaking country helped me make my decision. I also enjoyed business however I wanted to focus on the marketing side of the business, hence why I have chosen this degree.

Tell us why you chose ATU Sligo?

One of the reasons I chose ATU Sligo, as compared to other colleges and universities in Ireland, is that the accommodation is much cheaper. As I live in Longford, I knew I had to rent so this was a key factor for me.  As well as rent, I favoured the fact it wasn’t miles away from home and is easily accessible for me to go home whenever I wanted to or if I needed to at short notice.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about coming to ATU Sligo? 

Go to all your lectures and meetings in induction week and keep on top of your classwork. It is easier to enjoy college when you are not stressing about missed deadlines.

What is the best thing about studying Marketing?

The opportunity to go on Erasmus is hugely beneficial. You improve your language every day without the chore of going to class.

What are your plans after ATU Sligo?

Long term, I want to work for a corporate company like Google or Amazon and be part of their marketing team. After ATU Sligo, I do want to come back to France and work.

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