Below is some information about submitting expenses. 

Please read the travel & subsistence Policy and Procedure saved in ATU Sligo Finance – Travel & Subsistence.

Claims for reimbursement of travel expenses must be submitted generally within one month and in any event no later than 3 months after return from a trip. Claims submitted after this time must be approved by the Finance Manager or a VP of Finance & Corporate Services.

Claiming mileage – where a claim is made for travel by the cheapest available method (i.e. train to Dublin). In this case a receipt is not insisted on but, should be provided when available.

If you are claiming mileage, make sure your car insurance details are in date on Core otherwise the claim cannot be approved.

Receipts – Please remember all expenses claimed (except mileage & subsistence) must be receipt based e.g. Toll Receipts must be scanned & included with your claim.

Important information before submitting a claim: 

The following is important in relation to people claiming 24hr subsistence. Where a staff member is at least 100 kilometres from their home or the Institute (whichever is the lesser) a night allowance (24hour) rate may be paid for each 24-hour period after departure as well as any further period not exceeding 5 hours i.e. 29 hours (e.g. if you leave work/home at 9.00am on Monday and return at 13.00 on Wednesday, you would be due 2*24hour only. If you return between 14.00 and 19.00 on Wednesday you are entitled to 2*24hour and 1*5hour, etc). The night allowance is designed to cover accommodation and three meals. The 24hr subsistence rates 24hr are clearly stated in the attached circulars for Ireland and International and are not permitted to be exceeded. 

Club Travel – All foreign flights must be booked through Club Travel. Once an employee gets approval for foreign travel; flights, accommodation & rail tickets can be booked through Club Travel using a Purchase Order.  When accommodation is paid direct by the institute, staff may claim a maximum of 10 hour subsistence per day for a foreign trip, once the accommodation cost and the 10hr subsistence rate is under the 24hr subsistence rate for the country.

Please complete the Club Travel set up form and return to the Expenses desk (expenses.sligo@nullatu.ie) to set up a profile. 

Please attach the completed signed the FIN004_001Conference and Foreign Travel Support Form.docx (sharepoint.com) (TF1) and TF2 Travel & Maintenance Claim Form to your claim if you have attended a conference or a foreign tripyou can also find these forms on SharePoint.

Please email Unitravel@nullclubtravel.ie to contact our travel consultant Jimmy Dolan to make travel arrangements.

You can find all documents such as procedures, policies, forms, circulars etc. on SharePoint: ATU Sligo – Finance

Queries to Shauna Kelly

Expense Help Desk: expenses.sligo@nullatu.ie


For Research Students:

Queries to Aoife Currid at nonpopayments.sligo@nullatu.ie

Expense form for Research Students can be found on ATU Sligo – Finance