Curriculum & Programme Design

Developing modules and programmes may be part of your teaching role. Here we provide videos and resources on Learning Outcomes (LOs) and Mapping LOs; Module & Programme development; Module Manager (our syllabus software); examples of programmes developed at different levels; and Quality Processes.

Learning Outcomes

The relationship between Learning Outcomes, which are written about individual modules, and the programmes overall objectives is very important.  

Our recordings will look at the links and the importance of ensuring programmes are structured to achieve their overall objectives for the students studying them.

Lecturers will be involved in adhering to or even writing learning outcomes early in their professional experience and it is beneficial to know where to find assistance in structuring learning outcomes.  

These recordings are available on our “Curriculum and Programme Design” Moodle page.

Lecturer & student

Programme Development and Quality

  • Policy Procedure Forms 
  • Completing EAPs 

Module Manager

  • Resources within Module Manager and 
  • NFU Taxonomy Guidance 

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Principle One: Equitable use 

Principle Two: Flexibility in use 

Principle Three: Simple and Intuitive 

Principle Four: Perceptible Information 

Principle FiveTolerance for Error 

Principle Six: Low Physical Effort 

Principle Seven: Size and Space for Approach and use

seven principles of UDL

Find out more about UDL at ATU Sligo. 

To access all the above resources and recordings, please go to our “Curriculum and Programme Design” Moodle page.

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