Teaching and Learning Centre (Sligo)

Teaching and Learning Centre (Sligo) aims to support staff across the university to build greater capacity to design their curriculum and teaching practices to ensure a good student experience and robust academic standards.

Included under our Staff Induction link is our Academic Induction Handbook and information on our Online Academic Induction programme which runs once each semester.

Teaching and Learning Centre (Sligo) is committed through the delivery of workshops, seminars and digital badge attainment in providing an effective Institutional approach to teaching, learning and assessment through a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) lens.

It is our aim to support staff with engagement in their teaching and learning from the outset of module/programme development and in their teaching role.

We also establish centres to support students with their learning, progression and success.

These include Maths Support, Engineering Support and Academic Writing.

The Academic Writing Centre also provides excellent support and resources to staff undertaking PG /PhD study, so we welcome you to avail of support on offer throughout the year.

Contact us

Dr Niamh Plunkett Ed.D Head of Teaching & Learning (CELT)

Dr Niamh Plunkett Ed.D

Head of Teaching & Learning Centre (Sligo)

Email: niamh.plunkett@nullatu.ie