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The Centre for Online Learning provides training, support and instructional design services for staff, in all aspects of online teaching and learning.

We have both self-paced training and online group sessions, as well as one-to-one training available.

All of our content and contact information is available on our COL Moodle Page. 

ATU Sligo provides LinkedIn Learning to all staff and students.

You need to activate your account and once this is done you will have access to over 14000 courses for your training and professional development.

It can benefit you as a learner and also aid you in your interaction/teaching with other staff and students.

DigitalEd is a Digital Teaching and Learning education platform, providing access to the digital learning pathways and a suite of resources available to all staff.

The site provides a gateway to help staff build digital capabilities and pedagogic expertise, in order to design, deliver and support flexible and online learning programmes. 

To access all the above and further resources, please go to our “Online Resources/COL” Moodle page

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