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Programmatic Review Preparation

Implementation of universal design principles in Teaching & Learning promotes inclusivity and equity while also ‘future-proofing’ your teaching. As our classrooms and lecture theatres become increasingly diverse, our practices must also adapt to reflect the changing landscape of higher education.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational framework based on research in the learning sciences,  including cognitive neuroscience, which guides the development of flexible learning environments that can accommodate individual learning differences and cater for the wide range of diversity in our lecture rooms. 
The  link below connects you to a suite of videos that are 3 hours in length total and can be viewed in your own time. This will give you an introduction to the concept of Universal Design for Learning and invite you to review and update your own Teaching and Learning practice.  The UDL digital badge facilitators are happy to support you and will be in touch with an invitation to a lunch time informal meet up (end of March) where you can discuss this teaching and learning framework and share best practice as part of reflecting on module improvements you may have in mind for Programmatic Review. 
Ideally, if the content is viewed by the end of March,  this will give you plenty of time to view all of the UDL Concepts as well as time to reflect and connect with your peers  to share best UDL practice in teaching and learning!

UDL Conference 2021

UDL Conference 2022

UDL on-line content video link

The on-line UDL module video is 3 hours in length and you can view these in your own time. The link is comprised of multiple short videos for you to view that give an understanding of the UDL concepts. Here you will find the basics of UDL, the theory, some examples of good UDL practice and a reflective quiz on your own teaching and learning (the results are viewed only by you).

Additional Resources

UDL Case Studies

Dr Ailish Breen, Lecturer in Biopharmaceutical Engineering Science at IT Sligo was 1 of 3 lecturers in the country to be shortlisted for the John Kelly Award for Universal Design for Learning awarded by the Association of Higher Education and Disabilities (AHEAD) at Croke Park.

In the following videos, Ailish will talk through how her attainment of the Digital Badge in UDL helped to inform the changes she made to her module and how UDL has changed her teaching and learning practices.


UDL Principles

Universal Design for Learning or UDL, it’s not just another buzz word! Are you interested to learn about current educational neuro-research? These recordings look at the individual principles of UDL, giving you a snapshot with insight into the teaching framework of multiple means of engagement, representation and action and expression, as well as more information on the colleges developments with UDL and where you can access further information.

Useful Resources

Find out more about the UDL Conference 2021.