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PATH 4 is an HEA-funded project to support targeted student groups through the implementation of UDL. 

ATU is involved in several local, regional, and national projects that are aligned with PATH 4 funding:

· National Charter for Universal Design in Further and Higher Education [link to page or add the specific info here]

· ATU programme inclusivity audits

· National UDL workshops

· Designing a programme for students with intellectual disabilities at ATU

· National CPD course for university leaders

· ATU physical infrastructure improvements

· Partnerships with regional ETBs and FETs

This Digital Badge course, hosted by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning, will provide participants with a strong introduction to the Universal Design for Learning Framework and give them the opportunity to implement UDL approaches within the teaching activities they are currently undertaking. Thousands of higher education professionals from across Ireland have participated in past years, including hundreds from ATU! We will host roll-outs throughout the academic year, so stay tuned for news of our next roll-out and join the growing Irish UDL community!

Testimonials from past participants:

· “The process was very helpful. I feel all lecturers should avail of this and change all their modules over [using] UDL principles. It benefits not only the students but the lecturers too.”

· “Great experience and chance to discuss ideas with a colleague…[it] has made me reflect on not only the delivery but the whole student experience.”

· “Students engaged more: they expressed themselves without fear and without a feeling that they could give the wrong answer. They felt included and, most importantly, they felt equal.”