In a nutshell

There are many career opportunities for creative design professionals, for example in design consultancy, industrial design, exhibition design, retail design, furniture design, the UX and multimedia sector, services design, design education and design management. The course also helps you to develop highly transferable skills in design research, design thinking, visualisation, project management and communication.

The course is offered automatically to students who have successfully completed level 7 in Creative Design. The course is also open to other students who have completed a level 7 in another design discipline or related field based on an interview on application. If you have another background discipline please contact the Head of Department on eligibility.

What's involved?

Launching your career

There is strong emphasis within the year on design research and development where the students are working with industry and organisations on real live projects, to innovate new solutions and are required communicate and present designs to a high professional standard. Industry partners have included Molex, Intel and organisations such as Engineers without Borders.
Modules include Design in Context, Digital Media, Creative Design workshops. Branding, Professional Communication.

  • Incredible work! Best creative experience ever; timely, well executed and one hell of the result. Would recommend Nietszche to anyone who is looking to revamp their identity. John K. Riley - Harvest Goods.

  • A five star agency without doubt. Hire them! John A. Adams - Repetition

  • Creativity redefined. These guys offer a unique approach to every aspect
    of design and the result is simply stunning. Jane Lariken - MUD Clothing.

  • Design, design and redesign is their motto. Sartre won't stop until they have
    the perfect match between functionality and esthetic. Jack Tromso - Orcha Co.