Fine Art student Solo Exhibition, Stephanie McGowan 'Fading Memories' at Hyde Bridge Gallery.

Born in Antrim in 1992, Stephanie grew up in Northern Ireland before moving to Leitrim. She recently completed a degree in Fine Art at the Institute of Technology, Sligo and will finish her honours degree later this year.

She now lives and practices in Sligo. The work explores materiality, each carefully selected material/object has the ability to maintain its individual character/personality, while also indicating a description of time. The objects suggest time within their function or through their visual appearance of which aesthetically look aged, distorted, weathered and/or broken.

Objects/materials contain our personalities; each possession bears the ability to indicate the life of its previous owner, allowing us to question the possibilities of its history. Drawing on distant global, cultural and personal incepted memories, selected images blur the line between reality and fantasy. By using specific materials in combination with chosen images, Stephanie aims to create an atmosphere of which we all can have a personal experience, the space of which becomes a window to another moment in time, allowing us to question the space in which we live.